USMS Sponsors and Your Event

Our corporate partners are very important to adding value to membership, events and promoting our business. We ask you to please download either the color or black and white one-page partner thank you page and include in your event meet program.

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Hosting an Event and Sanctioning

Sanctioning of Masters swimming events by the LMSC is a crucial function. Care must be taken to follow the requirements of Article 202 in the USMS Rulebook. All competitors must be currently registered with USMS. This is necessary for the safety and enjoyment of the swimmers, for liability insurance coverage to be in force, and for official consideration performances. Each LMSC is required to have a Sanctions Chair responsible for all phases of the process, including early scheduling to avoid conflicts, and follow-up with the Top Ten Recorder to ensure meet results are submitted in a timely manner. There must be good two-way communication.

In a Recognized event, swimmers may or may not be USMS registered. There is no USMS liability coverage. Times of registered swimmers are eligible for Top Ten and Records consideration. Except for events sponsored by USA Swimming, YMCA, FINA, and SCN, a designated observer must report that the event meets applicable USMS standards.

What to do if you want to host a meet

1. Decide when and where to host your meet. The earlier you can plan, the better! Check the website to make sure there are no other events on your chosen date(s).

2. The event director goes to and scrolls down to the footer of the home page. Under the ”Events” column, the director selects “Sanction an Event” to begin the process. Also, here is a link to the beginning of the process:

3. The event director enters the event information as prompted and indicates whether She/He wishes to apply for a sanction or recognition, or whether She/He just wants the event to be listed on the calendar at this time.

4. When the event is submitted, an email is sent to the LMSC sanctions chair.

5. The sanctions chair logs into the system, reviews the event information, and may request additional information, if needed. As long as all appropriate requirements have been met, the request is approved.

6. NOTE A NEW FEE PROCESS is in place as of August, 2018 to encourage timely reporting of meet results in the proper format, and Sanctioning over Recognition. Prior to approval of Pool Sanctioned events, the sanction chair will notify the requestor that an $80 fee needs to be paid. Once meet results have been provided properly, $50 of that will be refunded. Prior to approval of Pool Recognized events, the sanction chair will notify the requestor that a $150 fee needs to be paid. Once meet results have been provided properly, $50 of that will be refunded. Upon approval of an Open Water Sanction, the sanction chair will notify the requestor that the $100 flat fee applies, Additionally, $5/participant needs to be paid, once the open water event is finished. Until further notice, COMSA will cover the $100 fee but the host is responsible for the $5/participant.

For Open Water events there is a $5 per participant fee (also new as of Jan 2016) that USMS charges the LMSC (COMSA in our case), up to a maximum of $1,000, billed by USMS to COMSA after the event. It is suggested that the host assess this extra $5 in the swimmers entry fee as the host will required to cover this cost, payable to COMSA, once the correct amount is known

Send these fees (check made out to COMSA) by regular mail to:
Richard Hess
1925 18th Ave
Greeley, CO 80631

The event will be automatically added to the USMS calendar of events and the meet director will receive a confirmation e-mail of the approval.

For tutorial help on the process, note the items below that are at the top of the first page that opens after you click on “Sanction an Event”:

Instructions on how to use this form (this provides a step-by-step guide for submitting a sanction request)
Form Worksheet (this provides a printable worksheet that the event director can use to prepare for a sanction request)
General information on Pool sanctions/recognitions (General overall help for pool events)
General information on Open Water sanctions (General overall help for open water events)

For further information contact the Sanctions Chair, Richard Hess, 970-356-4269.