Guidelines for Record Submissions

State record swims will be recognized for the fastest time swum by a COMSA member in each age division, course, and gender. The COMSA records chair will be responsible for compiling state
records. The COMSA records chair and the COMSA Board will have the final say in the determination of COMSA state records.

Eligibility for State Records
In order for a time to be eligible for recognition as a state record, the time must be performed by a current COMSA member and must meet the eligibility requirements for USMS Top Ten Times. A performance
need not actually be recognized as a USMS Top Ten, it only needs to meet the eligibility requirements for consideration for the USMS Top Ten list. The eligibility requirements for USMS Top Ten recognition are outlined in Article 105 of the USMS Rule Book.

It shall be the individual member's responsibility to bring state record swims to the attention of the COMSA records chair. Personal contact, US Mail, and e-mail will all be considered acceptable
means of contact.

Any one of the following means of verification of time is acceptable:

Recognition of Swims Prior to 2006
The COMSA records chair will review available archives of times achieved prior to January 1, 2006 to determine the existence of times eligible for consideration as COMSA state records. Archives to be
examined include but are not limited to old meet results, existing USMS National or FINA World Records, and archives of past USMS National Rankings or FINA World Rankings. Recognition of old times as COMSA state records is at the sole discretion of the COMSA Records Chair and the COMSA Board.

Relay Records
State relay records are tracked in two divisions: Open and Workout Group. This acknowledges the fact that when COMSA combines as a statewide team for Nationals and Worlds we are essentially fielding “All-Star” relays. These combined relays are only eligible for the Open division of the relay records.

COMSA clubs may field relays at local and state meets that are eligible for both the Workout Group and Open divisions. Please note that USMS Top Ten lists are a major source for these records, and the USMS database does not always list a workout group affiliation. Therefore, some records in the Open division may actually be
Workout Group records. If you are aware of a Workout Group relay performance being listed under Colorado Masters Swimming or Rocky Mountain Masters, please bring it to the attention of the Records Chair.