Annual Events

The following list includes many of the usual events available for COMSA members. Details on these and other events will be posted on the COMSA home page as information is available.














Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Colorado Masters Swimming has grown from just a handful of small workout groups in the state to over 60 in the past two decades. Our swimmers range in ability from having never swum a stroke to Olympic Medalists. All of them share the same passion for swimming, friendship and competition, a legacy that has led to one of the most recognized swimming organizations in the country.

Is Colorado Masters Swimming for me?

How old do I need to be to join?
18 or older. All ages over 18 are welcome!

What if I am not in good shape?
It’s one of the main reasons so many join and stay in Masters. It’s a great way to get in shape and stay in shape — and have fun doing it.

I’m not fast. Will I be out of place?
Masters swimmers range in abilities and interests from lap swimmers and fitness swimmers to competitive minded swimmers and triathletes. Regardless of your swimming ability and swimming interests, you will be with other swimmers who share your enjoyment of swimming.

How can I be in a workout group?
We encourage you to join a workout group for camaraderie, coaching, and commitment. There‘s likely to be a workout group near you that will meet your needs.

I’m a self-coached swimmer. What does Masters Swimming offer me?
A motivating environment for swimming regularly, improving your stroke, and a chance to get to know other swimmers. It’s up to you whether you stay self-coached or join a group.

What about swim meets?
About half of the members of the Colorado Masters don’t compete in swim meets. It’s your choice. Colorado Masters offers two championship meets each year. One in December for short course meters, the other each Spring for short course yards. COMSA also numerous small meets and open water events. Whether you’re ultra-fast, sort of medium, or not fast at all, you’ll find others with similar abilities and desire at each of these events.

What will I get as a member?