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Joining and Membership

Registration in United States Masters Swimming and the Colorado Masters Swimming Association is based upon a calendar year (not from the time you register). Registration fees are $50 (January 1-December 31). The registration period for each calendar year starts on November 1, with memberships expiring on December 31 of the following year (14 months). Your membership in USMS/COMSA includes:

Swim Clubs and Workout Groups
All members must sign up with a national swim club (Colorado Masters, Air Force Masters, Wyoming Masters, Cheyenne Mountain Masters or Unattached). Within each national swim club (e.g., Colorado Masters Swim Club) are a number of local workout groups, which its members identify with a local swim group. If you register Unattached you will not be elligible to participate on relays at any USMS sanctioned event.

Late Year Registrations
For those who would like to join the Colorado Masters Swimming Association in September or October in any year, we offer a late year registration. This membership expires in December, as do all memberships in United States Masters Swimming. Please use the registration form found at the right for late year registrations as well as full year registrations. Depending upon when you register will determine when you will receive a copy of SWIMMER magazine.