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Postal Swim Series

Postal Swim Series

by Marcia Anziano

If you are not one of those swimmers who loves swim meets, USMS may have just the answer for you. Try one or more of the low-key, no pressure Postal Swim Events, where you swim a continuous distance in your own pool, and mail in your results! The first one of the series, the One Hour Postal, is in January to be completed during the month of January. To make it even easier, COMSA often reserves pool time at the University of Denver pool for this event, check the COMSA home page for details.

In total, USMS holds five long distance postal championships each year: the One Hour, 5K and 10K Championships held in long course pools, the 3000 and 6000 yard Championships held in short course yard pools, Swimmers who complete all five championships in the same year, titled the "USMS Long Distance Postal National Championship", will be sent a participation patch to honor their achievement. This series is a great and rewarding challenge. To receive the patch, all you must do is enter and complete each of the five events.

But completing all five is not for everyone and is not a requirement. Pick and choose the ones that you wish to complete. COMSA plans to provide pool time for each event at least one time within each allotted time frame. The annual timeline is:

January - the One Hour Swim
May 15-Sept 15 - 5000 meter AND 10,000 meter
Sept 15 - Nov 15 - 3000 yard and 6000 yard
All of these entries are available online