Club: A group of swimmers of a permanent basis that compete on a national basis. Many clubs consist of multiple workout groups, such as CMS.

Workout Group: a local group of people within COMSA who gather weekly to swim together. See the workout group list here.

Local Masters Swimming Committee (LMSC): The local organization that registers swimmers and runs swimming events. Our geographic area is the states fo Colorado and Wyoming.

United States Masters Swimming (USMS): The parent organization for all masters swimming in the United States.

Breadbasket Zone: In addition to the LMSCs, the country is divided up into larger areas called zones. COMSA is in the Breadbasket Zone which is comprised of Missouri Valley, Minnesota, Iowa and Ozark Local Masters Swimming Committees.

Postal Event: A swimming competition conducted at your local pool with the results sent to the event host for tabulating. At this level you would be competing with all swimmers of your gender and age group from across the country. This is a great way of competing without leaving home. Read more about postal events which include:

USMS/Aquatic Sports Convention: an event that happens each fall where the leadership of United States Masters Swimming meets to conduct the business of the organization. Such business might include coaching seminars, rule changes, and determining the host locations for national championships. In addition to USMS, other national aquatic governing bodies also meet during the same convention, including USA Swimming, USA Water Polo, Synchronized Swimming, and USA Diving.